What are cookies?

If you visit Tulip Express websites, we use cookies, which we store on your computer, phone or tablet. Cookies are small text files, and we use the information contained in these files to identify you if, for example, you revisit our website at a future date. The details we remember include, for example, your login details and language settings. This enables us to assist you more quickly and efficiently next time.


In addition to cookies, there are other technologies we use that allow us to store and read information on your PC, tablet or mobile. One example of this is local storage, which essentially works the same as cookies, and which we will refer to as ‘cookies’ for the sake of convenience. We use different technologies to store cookies, including JavaScript and tracking pixels.


Change your cookie settings here

If you prefer that we not store information about you and the settings of your devices, you can indicate this at the top of this page. Please note: you must delete any cookies already stored on your PC, phone or tablet; we cannot do this on your behalf. You will find instructions on how to do this below.


If you would like to delete your cookies, you must do so yourself.

To delete your cookies, open your web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari). You can also change your settings to receive notifications when a cookie is being set or updated; you can then decide each time again whether to give your consent. Please use your browser’s ‘Help’ function for more information.


Please check this page regularly to find out about any changes and new developments.

Since we may change the content on our website and of the Cookie Statement at any time, we recommend that you check these on a regular basis.


Why does Tulip Express use cookies?

We use cookies for the following purposes:


Functional cookies: to make our website more user-friendly.

Analytical cookies: to analyse the use of our websites.

Tulip Express Recommendations: to provide you with personalised recommendations.

Social-media cookies: to share job openings or web pages on social media.

Advertising cookies: to place advertisements.

On this page, we explain what each of these types of cookies involves, as well as provide a list of companies which might store cookies on your PC, phone or tablet. We include this information because for some types of cookies used by Tulip Express, we engage the services of other companies, including Google. In this case, we refer you to the website of the company in question, where you can read how they can use the information.


Please note: while we endeavour to update the list of these organisations as frequently as possible, cookies may be used by a company not included in the list. In this case, we request that you contact our customer service department, so we can update the list on this page.


1. Functional cookies: cookies to ensure a user-friendly website

We use cookies to make our websites more user-friendly. Your consent is not required for these cookies, as the purpose of these cookies is to improve the performance of the website. For example, we may use these cookies to store your login details and the purchases in your shopping cart. In addition, we use these cookies to ensure that you not always have to provide the same information whenever you visit our website.


2. Analytical cookies: for website analysis

We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our website. This information enables us to improve our services, products and information. For example, we can see what information has been viewed on the website or app and regarding what issues customers are calling our Customer Service department. We will then improve this information on the website, so that it’s no longer necessary to call the Customer Service department regarding this issue. Your consent is not required for these cookies, as the purpose of these cookies is to improve the performance of the website. We do not share the data we collect through these cookies with any third parties.


We use these cookies to store the following information (this list is not exhaustive):


The amount of time you spend on our website.

The type of device you are using, e.g. a PC/laptop, phone or tablet.

The advertisement(s) which directed you to our website.

The type of web browser you are using.

In addition, we may also test different designs of the website or our app.


3. Tulip Express Recommendations: cookies to provide you with personalised recommendations.

We use these cookies to track how you use our websites. This enables us to give you personal advice, including on our website, in our apps and by e-mail. We only set these cookies subject to your consent.


We may use cookies to modify the content of our websites, apps and e-mails with information that suits your needs and interests. We may, for example, check the following information:


Which pages you view on our website.

The information you check on our website.

Which products you are viewing.

What device you are using to visit our website.

The e-mails you read from us.

The items you click on in our e-mails.

How do we determine what information suits your interests? We do this by creating different groups of users which are highly similar to each other – a process known as ‘profiling’. Business customers, for example, are interested in other products than consumers. This enables us to determine, for example, which products suit your needs and interests, or what questions you might like to ask us.


Please note: Even if you don’t give us permission to set these cookies, you may still see offers from us, but in this case these offers will not be based on your behaviour.


4. Social-media cookies: to share job openings or web pages on social media

You can share Tulip Express job openings on social media – for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ – by clicking the social-media button on the web page or next to the job opening. If you click the button, the various social networks will store cookies on your PC/laptop, phone or tablet. This is why we only use buttons if you give us permission to do so.


These cookies enable these social networks to see what you are doing on the internet. The types of cookies set by these social networks and how long cookies are stored depends on the social network you are using. This is a process which is beyond Tulip Express control.


We recommend that you read the privacy statements of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, WeChat, WhatsApp, Weibo, QQ and Twitter:


5. Advertising cookies: to place advertisements

We use these cookies to view what pages you visited on our website. We use this information to post Tulip Express advertisements relevant to your interests on other websites you visit. We work together with advertising partners such as Google and Facebook for this purpose. Through these partners, we can also search for other target demographics to whom our advertisements might be of interest. The advertising partners can use advertising cookies to track what other websites you are visiting. We only set these cookies if you give us permission to do so.


We measure how many people click on our advertisements and how many of them purchase our product or apply for a job. This is how advertising cookies help us to improve our digital marketing.


Please note: Even if you don’t give us permission to set these cookies, you may still see offers from us, but in this case these offers will not be based on your behaviour.


This cookie statement is a translation of the Dutch document. In the event of discrepancies, the Dutch version takes precedence.

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